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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review on Cat Eye Sunglasses & Curly clip in hair extension, set full head ,7 pieces

  • zeroUV - Oversized Vintage Inspired Super & Bold Retro Designer Cat Eye Sunglasses100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays

    Vintage Inspired Frame Design
  • Distinct Bold Cat Eye Shape
  • Reinforced Metal Hinges
  • Lens Height:45mm Lens Width:50mm Bridge:20mm Frame Total:140mm
    Onedor Curly Full Head Clip In Synthetic Hair Extensions 140G 1B-Off Black, 7 Piece
    Hair material: 100% Korea high quality synthetic heat-resisting fiber, which looks like real human hairLength: approx. 20"(stretched length:24"); weight: about 4.5oz; color: as shown in picture (may vary by monitor)Can be restyled or shorn as you likeTransforming your look in seconds

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Breath Control

Breath Control - (See also: Asphyxiation Choking )   Refers to play involving control of or restriction of air and / or oxygen to the brain.   Other examples would be strangling, which is compression of the neck/throat area to prevent the flow of oxygen to the brain. Suffocation involves reducing the level of oxygen available to breathe; hanging where the body is suspended by the neck (remember, all these games are dangerous to play, either alone or with a partner).
Yes breath control you're laying on top of your slave you wrap your hands around your neck and you want to squeeze the life out of them and watch them come at the same time oh how old of the powder exchanges so our Roddick in ops but let's be for real you're only going to do it for a little bit so that they can come so hard that you were the one they gave them the best orgasm of their life this is something that can be done with your hands scarf or some other items but I would suggest that you and your mistress have a blinking connection and if I blink a few times then it's time to let go or if I tap you on the thigh it's to let go a lot of people like to take you to the point where they pass out and then has a lot of dangerous reactions to that play the one thing that I can say that it hurts me deeply is that the fixie Asian of breath play in men is very high it actually is a statistic that many people don't know about and I would like to enlighten you from the ages of 13 to Welling into your 80s tons of men who love the fixie Asian feeling so that they can have an orgasm and it couldn't be the best one of their life but a lot of times they forget that when they jump off of the bathtub rim and they have the rope tied around your neck that there's no one else get out of this mess which ends up in their death so to not do this when you're alone

RoyalStyle 32"80cm Woman's Long Curly Wavy Lolita Hair Universal Cosplay Wigs(Black)

Monday, June 20, 2016

slave letters 1

My name is John smith boy. I am 20 years old and a former professional . I was born and raised in the United States and Unfortunately, I suffered an ankle injury and can no longer play at that level. Fortunately, I did quite well in High School and ended up getting into a Top University  So, wherever you would want me, I'm sure I could get into a University nearby. What you must be thinking at this point: "He doesn't even have a full time job, how does he expect to be my Ass/Scissor slave?"

That's a fair question, however, I currently work from home, so I can already support myself and I'd be able to treat you as you please, as I will happily be your submissive slave.

As for slave experience I have served as an ass slave to many of my past girlfriends. They got to be bossy and smother me whenever they pleased. I have a high pain tolerance and even if you aren't pleased with my experience, I'm more than sure that I could take it.

May I propose that I be your live in ass slave and I'll pay my keep by Gardening, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Doing Errands, Having my face be your seat, anything you want, etc. You only need to use me when you please and can tie me up or lock me up when not using me.

That about wraps up my application, Mistress. I really do urge(and beg) you to take me as your 24/7 private slave. I would do as good of a job as you'd want me to. Either way, I'd appreciate a response, no matter what your decision turns out to be.

Best Regards,
John smith boy

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Weeked

Out in the Hamptons enjoying the nice weather can't wait to go out tonight and see my friends it's going to be a good summer 2016 hit me up if you're coming to Southampton  so we could meet up on main street and one of the nice restaurants

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Great movie with Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy gives a stunning double performance as London's most notorious gangsters, twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray, during their rise and fall in the criminal underworld.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Long raining days

I hate long rainy days not only does my sinus and migraines start to act up but I hate the feeling of the cold dampness think it's your nose cold and runny and your fingers tips Cold and your toes hurt and or a cold everything is cold wearing sweatpants sweatshirt shirt underneath another leg gains six sweats socks and I think I should be wearing a hat it's like I am outside but I'm inside this is ridiculous I need to live in Florida where it's nice and warm I've had it with this Cold bullshit whether this is for people who like to wear a lot of clothes and have a fat belly and be heavy and then they're not Kohls because they're heavy no I like to be thin with no clothes on and have a bikini on laying on the beach sleeping all day and then go to the gym have lunch with my friends and go shopping and enjoy a nice dinner on the water and take nice walks on the beach or go and be around beautiful people with no clothes and sexy clothes on at least but that's the way to live laid-back not a care in the world eat salad and chicken and fish every night fruits you can even go right off the bridge and good lobster put it on the grill it's amazing how you can live off the land in Florida and then to live here is just I just hate it I have no friends and I miss all my friends in Florida it's just lonely out here so I'm going to make plans to go to Florida in the winter and I don't think I'm coming back plus I'm going to be saving up for my new boob job can't wait I'm going to get 100 mL is that's going to be fabulous

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting back in the groove

After a long winter in plenty of time to rest I'm so happy that the summer is here so I can work out outside take plenty of runs get nice and tight and in shape summer is my favorite season and that's why I long to go back to Florida for good even though I love New York but I just would love to just be in The city Manhattan where all the action is but I've had no luck in getting a place myself guess it wasn't meant to be right now but it was a dream of mine to have even a one bedroom studio apartment in a beautiful building and just be able to be glamorous and go out to dinner every night and see a show and live Life that I'm accustomed to since I was living in Las Vegas and that's what I did I would good to go to the best restaurants every night and go to see a show and then the next day go to the spa it was wonderful going from hotel to hotel and checking it out and all day lounging at the pool and the spa one day I'll get back to that but for now I'll be happy to go back to just Florida and get the beautiful beach that is for free. Plus they have all my friends there I have no one here in the Hamptons it's a very lonely place and non-sociable as much as their people are here all year around more and more it's very clicky and it's hard to make new friends was thinking about joining the gym but I'm not staying in one place I will be traveling this summer so it's going to be hard One day I'll be stable and be able to resume my life that was witches getting up in the morning going to the gym go to the spa go to the beach work go shopping go to dinner and then have a nice night and walk on the beach and then have a beautiful night sleep that's the life that I love simple easy and glamours